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Why is Mastering Goals Awesome? Find out how this works...
Frankly, this is just one of my fascinations that seems to be the game-changer for most individuals. We are facing an epidemic of people who do not have 'ascendancy' (that means they have little desire to move up in life or accomplish much). Often this is a function of simply not knowing HOW to do it.

We've given you massive amount of information, but in an easy-to-follow format for your kids to take notes and start working on what they want to accomplish in life. 

Instead of a 'rah-rah' motivation pitch (but we do deal with motivation), we are showing you the secrets passed down from the Enlightenment/Renaissance...how artists created their works of art with such skill. Unlike most 'goal-setting' programs, we are showing the complete process in an understandable way. It isn't just 'picture-it-and-it-will-happen'--- We teaching how life really works.

Goal setting is simply 'painting' the life you want. We show your kids (and you) exactly how to think and what to do...with a method proved through the ages.
"Your courses are really quite amazing. My youngest son and I are listening to them everyday. In a way, for a teachable person, it's much like getting a PHD in life vicariously through you. Just as you intended. :-) Even if each video only has one or two golden nuggets, they can be life changing. I know these courses will help me to to equip my son in a way that will continue to help him not just in college but his whole life."
 -Sarah Rusher
Here's The Course Outline
Goal Setting Part 1 - Introduction
Goal Setting Part 1 - Fosbury Flop
Goal Setting Part 1 - The 15 Principles
Goal Setting Part 1 - Goal Achievement Principle 1
Goal Setting Part 1 - Principles 2 Thru 5
Goal Setting Part 1 - Principles 6 & 7
Goal Setting Part 1 - Principles 8 & 9
Goal Setting Part 1 - Principles 10 Thru 12
Goal Setting Part 1 - Principles 13 to 15
Goal Setting Part 1 - Principles Review
Goal Setting Part 2 - The Essentials
Goal Setting Part 2 - Motivation & Focus
Goal Setting Part 2 - Hopes vs. Goals
Goal Setting Part 2 - Practical Applications
Goal Setting Part 2 - Your Daily Practice
Goal Setting Part 2 - King Goals & Reality
Goal Setting Part 2 - How to Make a Plan
Goal Setting Part 2 - Time Limits & First Steps
Goal Setting Part  2- Your Daily Practice (Review)
Goal Setting Part 3 - Workshop 1
Goal Setting Part 3 - Workshop 2
Goal Setting Part 3 - Workshop 3
Bonus - How to Motivate Yourself (at any age)
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