If they're College-Ready, then they're Life-Ready, true?
The College-Ready Collection
Need to Succeed in College?
If so, then I know exactly what you’re going through. There’s nothing more gut wrenching than spending yourself on educating your kids, only to then have your nose rubbed in it when they don’t have the skills to successfully make it in college…or maybe even in life. You end up feeling like a failure because you’re trying to figure out everything on your own and nothing you do seems to get you to that next level.

And it’s not for lack of trying, it’s just that hoping in ‘homeschooling’ never seems to completely work. The BIG problem is that simply putting the right educational curriculum together doesn’t really teach the life skills that you too probably were not taught through the school experience you had growing up. 

That’s why today I’m proud to share with you my latest creation, the “The College-Ready Collection” … the 10 Courses on the truly practical skills everyone MUST HAVE to succeed in college (or life). 

Hi, my name is Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand and I’ve been developing, testing, and perfecting The Writing Course for a decade, but now I’ve added 9 more courses to complete what your kids need to succeed. Jody (Masters in Education) and I have seen all 5 of our homeschooled kids succeed exceptionally well in their college careers.

In my new online video training courses, THE COLLEGE-READY COLLECTION, I reveal a proven, step-by-step plan that you can use immediately to get your kids ready for COLLEGE (and Life), without having to endure the nightmare of just hoping the good skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic will guarantee their success.

Unlike every other homeschool training program on the market, THE COLLEGE-READY COLLECTION is unique in that it addresses the 10 Areas that every college student must understand for real success.

Our courses train your students EXACTLY in:

1. How to Run Their Emotions 
2. How to Write Well Whenever They Want  
3. How to Really Set and Achieve Goals 
4. How to Overcome Procrastination and Manage Their Time 
5. How to Understand Anything They Read 
6. How to Focus  
7. How to Solve Problems Permanently 
8. How to Have Great Relationships 
9. How to Communicate Effectively, and 
10. How to Remember Anything

However what I’ve listed doesn’t even scratched the surface of the powerful features inside THE COLLEGE-READY COLLECTION. With well over 50 hours of the best instruction I’ve invented or collected for college-readiness (I think they like to call them life-hacks these days), you will have plenty of insights for family conversations throughout a lifetime. See your child learn to create his ability to focus.

See friendships finally blossom as your student understands the math of relationships your child finally, quickly, and clearly understand everything he reads See writing become your student’s favorite subject as she discovers her own unique voice Watch problems become something your student embraces instead of avoids See how quickly your child can memorize massive amounts of information to conquer any test Watch emotional upsets fade away…completely without your help or paying a counselor The initial feedback from THE COLLEGE-READY COLLECTION pilot-group owners has been overwhelming. I
t is honestly humbling and exciting to see so many lives changed from the lessons we’ve collected over a lifetime.

Now you may be asking yourself how much a supplemental homeschool program that delivers this much value is going to be? And, that’s a fair question since many people have spent up to $100 (and more) per course to obtain the information contained in this 10-Course COLLEGE-READY COLLECTION. Basically, that means that people have paid well over $1,000 for similar, but
less complete, training.

But the very reason I developed THE COLLEGE-READY COLLECTION was to help homeschool families that desperately want to succeed, yet just can’t find or afford putting together this much life-changing information. So let’s just make this a no-brainer decision for you, Okay?

Frankly, I’m basically giving 8 courses away for the price of 2 …so we can honestly introduced our solutions to a much wider audience…beginning with parents like you who know an special opportunity when they see it

Of course, this option won’t last forever. We will go back to selling the courses individually for the $100+ they are each easily worth Don’t you think you’ve struggled long enough with not being confident your kids will be ready for college and life?

The missing link you’ve been searching for to finally turn your homeschooling hopes and dreams into reality is just a few clicks away.

Picture right now, the moment you are having a wonderful holiday meal with your grown children, enjoying the deep pride of a great conversation about how well their lives are going because they were homeschooled in such a complete-and-wise way. You can right now smile and laugh, because you feel the heavy weight that has been lingering for so long start to lift. You get a glimpse of a whole new life ahead for them, fully sensing “Well Done” is in the air around you.

So click the “Whole Enchilada” button below and let’s get you started today. But Wait…there is an even better deal: If you are willing to trust us with the value we are offering, we want to give you access to ALL 10 COURSES…from the very start.

Regular Prices Alone
1. Mastering Emotions
2. The Writing Course (+ The Essay Course)
3. Mastering Goals
4. Mastering Time
5. Mastering Reading Comprehension
6. Mastering Focus Course
7. Mastering Problem Solving
8. Mastering Relationships
9. Mastering Communication
10. Mastering Memory

OVER 50 Hours
of the 
we've ever

How about 45 Days--not the mere 30 above--with the courses (or better yet, allow the kids to go through a few lessons). If you don't agree that this is original and wildly helpful material, just drop us a note and we'll refund your full purchase price...no questions asked.
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